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A New Thang

For my faithful readers, let me say “thank you” for following my blog over the past 5+ years. Chasing Bimini was my theme and the point of the over 100 entries was catharsis–meaning they were just so I could vent—an attempt to get something off my chest. So many of you were kind in responding with encouragement […]

My View From Here

Mountaintop. Most of the time we use this term to describe highpoints of life—the pinnacles of emotion, the successes in life. It is often accompanied by feelings of euphoria. So then the valley often describes loneliness, despair—the pits! But I see those terms differently now. For three years, we literally lived on a mountaintop–Leadpole Mountain. […]


I teach a class in Creative Writing: Nonfiction at the college. This is the first time it’s ever been taught at the school; it’s the first time I’ve ever taught it, although I did take the class as a part of my master’s degree. The class is small—only three students—all seniors and all male. Among […]


Simple. It was one of the words I heard used often during a recent weekend spent with old friends from high school. “Those were simple times.” “We had simple goals.” “I simply loved that moment in my life.” As my friends and I reminisced about Friday night football games, Sunday morning church, family dinners, and […]

Bimini Found!

There were two speeds. Slow and comatose. Two temperatures. Hot and hot with a breeze. In my original post in this blog “Chasing Bimini”, which began February 2012, I introduced the notion that I had been looking for the perfect destination in life for a long time. I imagined that place to be Bimini, which at first I […]