A New Thang

For my faithful readers, let me say “thank you” for following my blog over the past 5+ years. Chasing Bimini was my theme and the point of the over 100 entries was catharsis–meaning they were just so I could vent—an attempt to get something off my chest. So many of you were kind in responding with encouragement and support. Lately, however, that topic hasn’t related to where I am now. (For those who followed, the initial blog was about a frustrating, elusive chase for the ideal life.)

One of the reasons I haven’t added much to that idea in months is because I had come to a crossroads (or dead end) toward that pursuit. It’s not that I found that idyllic life, but I have become content with where I am and what I’m doing. In fact, maybe I’m borderline complacent. In my last post, I mentioned that the newness of my new season had waned. After prayer and some soul searching, I’m realizing that another new pursuit is imminent. Actually, it’s not new. It’s something that has been on my mind for a long time. It has to do with the way we see ourselves in the eyes of world and in the heart of our Creator. This new category is primarily for women because it’s from my point of view; however, I believe that every reader can find something of value in the coming issues.

The name of this new series is called “For All She’s Worth: Helping Women Discover Their Value” and it’s based on my own experiences, interviews with other women and/or their books on the subject of self-worth. Unlike a book, this blog will be ongoing and may take twists and turns along the way that I had not planned.  I did have a book in mind at first, but since my working topic is ever-changing, I thought it best to write this in short installments. (Hey, it worked for Dickens.)

On this same site, but under a different category, you’ll find my posts that I plan to update at least weekly. I hope you enjoy this new series and I would love to have your feedback and your experiences along the way.



7 thoughts on “A New Thang

  1. Beth

    I am so excited about this new series. I so enjoy your words and insight and it will be a joy to hear the viewpoints and journeys of other women.

  2. Dale

    I’ve always enjoyed your words of reflection and encouragement. Whatever format you choose, I know I’ll enjoy your writings.


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