True Love

IMG_0516Ah, the Emerald Coast of Florida. How I love thee!

I’m sorry. I tend to wax poetic when I’m at the beach. I can’t help it. It affects me mightily from beginning to end of each trip and then some. With the first whiff of heavy salt air, my blood pressure and heart rate reduce at least five points. With the initial sounds of waves slapping the gulf floor, it lowers another 5 points. And by the time I place my feet on the warm powder white sand I have become almost comatose. (Did I mention that the beach relaxes me?) And at the same time I am renewed when I am reminded that the Almighty created all this and even more that He likes to see me enjoy it.

He also likes to show me something at the beach, because with each trip He gives me a new perspective. This time as Dennis and I were watching the scarlet sunset give in to a full-mooned night sky, he asked. “If you could describe this scene with one word, what would it be?”

“Overwhelming,” I said.

When I returned the question he replied, “Relentless”.

Both strong sentiments but neither of them truly described how we felt at that moment.

Overwhelming does express the sight…the vastness of the body of water that seems to spill over the horizon in one direction and gently pursue me in the other.

Relentless, too, is a worthy assessment. The gulf has a rhythm of its own. It has a pulse that never stops.

Both descriptions are viable, but still inadequate…just like the overwhelming vastness of God’s handiwork and His relentless love. It’s…indescribable.

Oh, Creator how I love thee! And oh how even more You love me!

P.S. New sighting…sharks swimming within 20 feet of us…and we were just walking on the shore!

1 thought on “True Love

  1. Jerry Rankin

    Glad you enjoyed the Emerald Coast and also glad that the sharks kept their distance. Hope during the week as you think of those special remembrances that you can still feel the peace and relaxing times that were so neat. Glad you had the opportunity to enjoy being there. Happy for you, J & V


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