The Healing Power of Time

Sixteen days ago my husband, Dennis, had his left knee joint replaced. The second one will be done in July. What took years to create such damage through arthritis, and what took an hour to surgically replace (yes, an hour with a marvelous surgeon) is now taking weeks to heal. Oh he’s doing great – better than expected in fact.

Nine days ago my sister, June, took a nasty fall breaking bones and tearing flesh. In her case what took seconds to damage will also take weeks to heal. She’s fine, too, or will be one day.

imagesNo matter the nature or severity of the damage, the healing process will most likely be the same for both. Bone and tissue take time to knit back together (and in Dennis’ case to learn to accept their new intruder- a large piece of titanium).

The medical professional has made great strides in so many things that prolong and better our lives, but no one yet has been able to hasten the time that it takes for our broken bodies to mend. No one.


That’s all.

It’s a sit and wait game.(And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who hates that part.)

And this doesn’t just apply to physical ills – but to every kind of healing. Life is a battlefield and everybody at some point gets wounded – some worse than others – but we all will take gouges and bullets and shrapnel in places that maybe no one can see – except God of course. Still…He uses time to heal us.

A friend of mine once told me that God is sometimes slow but never late. So true.

And so what about the scar that remains after the healing?

That part will fade, too, but even that takes time.

A scar = a long-lasting reminder of God’s precious gift of healing – in His time.


2 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Time

  1. Sondra Rice

    Oh, I do so love your writing ( Not proper English I know). You have such a way with words. Truly a God given gift!


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