That’s Just Crazy

Ladies and Gentlemen…children of all ages….

We went to the circus Saturday – THE circus – Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus at the arena in Nashville. It was truly the “Greatest Show On Earth”, at least by my standards. The grandkids seemed to be appropriately entertained. But it was we, the four adults, who were most amazed and mesmerized.

It occurred to me during the show how many virtues it takes to put on a show like that.

First, there has to be courage. The man in the cage with lions and tigers seemed to show no fear – all confidence when dealing with the big cats. There was one lioness that was determined to scratch that trainer’s eyes out. But the man showed no concern.

Second, there’s discipline. The training that these men, women, and animals must have gone through to ensure their safety without comprising their entertainment value was most impressive. I mean, who can hang by their hair from 100 feet in the air and spin around like a top without having to go through intense training and pain management?

Then, there’s patience. The trapeze artists have to wait on the perfect rhythm –  to get the timing just right for their midair catch after a triple somersault. Meanwhile the drummer “rolls” until this happens…which might take a while.  But he waits and waits for the big finish.

But then there was just plain craziness on display as well. Apparently the guy who sat behind us with his wife and kids had never been to a circus because he ooo-ed, ahhh-ed, whooped, and whistled loudly throughout the whole show. And every now and then he’d throw in a “that’s just crazy”!

And I agreed. All the courage, discipline, and patience in the world would rival the fool heartiness of some of the stunts. During the part when performers were doing advanced acrobatics while on galloping horseback, my granddaughter leaned over and said, “Nana, I don’t get this. It’s just dangerous.” I agreed. But the most amazing stunt of the night was motorcyclists in a small orb cage – eight of them at the same time. Around and around at top speeds, eight people rode in perfect sync with each other without a collision. It’s just crazy.

The overall take-away that I got, Saturday, however was my need for exuberance. From the ringmaster’s lively presentation to his audience, to the enthusiasm of the guy sitting behind us, I was reminded that though all life isn’t a great show, some of it is pretty cool and I want to feel and exhibit full-out excitement when it happens. I want to ooo and ahhh and whoop with abandon when I see God’s hand at work – like when I hear Him in a child’s laugh or see Him in a sunset or feel Him in a time of discouragement.

I want that.

I need that.

I pray for that – and not for more thrilling moments but for a reminder to show more joy in the moments that come.


4 thoughts on “That’s Just Crazy

  1. Chance Scoggins

    Love this post, Nan! I love the circus too – It makes me feel like I can be a superhero too! And yes, I’m with you… your last paragraph was beautifully felt and beautifully written.


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