Perfect Peace

“I really enjoy reading your blob,” an elderly lady told me once. I thanked her, but didn’t correct her—that it was a “blog” and not a “blob.”

But as I walked away that day I thought, “Maybe what I write is a blob. Just like my meandering thoughts, my writing sometimes comes across as a jumble. No form. No point. No direction.”

Today doesn’t seem to be any different. Nothing going on much and not a lot of insights to share. However, here I am, computer in my lap trying to make sense of random, perceived messages and contemplations. (I am probably ADD or something, but I’ve decided that it’s okay since it allows me to multi-task when I need to. That’s just how I roll. Still the whirling dervish in my brain is frustrating at times.)

Today I came across a Bible verse I have read and heard many times. For some reason, however, it resonated with me afresh. My favorite prophet, Isaiah wrote this: “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You.”  This is the prophet talking to God about me, I think. A mind that runs in many different directions makes it easy to focus on earthly things that aren’t that important. I would hardly ever call my mind steadfast on anything.

And what is perfect peace anyway? I mean, I have assurance about my salvation, but I’m not sure I’m really experiencing “perfect” peace in these days.

Matthew Henry commentary says, that perfect peace is  “…an entire satisfaction in him…” About trust, Henry writes, “Whatever we [rely on] the world for, it will be but for a moment…”

I’m working on keeping my mind steadfast on Him in hopes that I can experience perfect peace. I’ll let you know how that goes in later blobs.

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