Measuring Stick

“Nana, how much do I weigh?”

I turned to see that 4-year-old Brileigh was holding a yardstick up next to her body. I smiled and explained, or tried to, that if she wanted to measure her weight, she’d need to step on the scales. Height is measured in inches, I said, and the yardstick would work just fine for that.

It occurred to me that I have often tried to evaluate myself using the wrong tools and wondering why I never quite measured up.

It’s like typing and using the wrong “home keys”. Something is just pgg. Oops, off.

I recently read that John Wesley, who with his brother Charles founded the Methodist church, asked himself 21 questions every day. Here are the questions:

1. Am I consciously or unconsciously creating the impression that I am better than I really am? In other words, am I a hypocrite?

2. Am I honest in all my acts and words, or do I exaggerate?

3. Do I confidentially pass on to another what was told to me in confidence?

4. Can I be trusted?

5. Am I a slave to dress, friends, work, or habits?

6. Am I self-conscious, self-pitying or self-justifying?

7. Did the Bible live in me today?

8. Do I give it time to speak to me everyday?

9. Am I enjoying prayer?

10. When did I last speak to someone else about my faith?

11. Do I pray about the money I spend?

12. Do I get to bed on time and get up on time?

13. Do I disobey God in anything?

14. Do I insist upon doing something about which my conscience is uneasy?

15. Am I defeated in any part of my life?

16. Am I jealous, impure, critical, irritable, touchy or distrustful?

17. How do I spend my spare time?

18. Am I proud?

19. Do I thank God that I am not as other people, especially as the Pharisees who despised the publican?

20. Is there anyone whom I fear, dislike, disown, criticize, hold a resentment toward or disregard? If so, what am I doing about it?

21. Do I grumble or complain constantly? Is Christ real to me?

Talk about not measuring up!

Oh, by the way, Brileigh is 39.5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds.

3 thoughts on “Measuring Stick

  1. Jerry Rankin

    Thanks for the update about Brileigh. I am close to that. I am about 40 inches (around the waist) and weigh at least 35 lbs.


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