God’s Pleasure

My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Woodham, was a saint. She loved to teach and I loved her. She had a delightful laugh and you could see the joy dancing in her eyes when any student accomplished a skill she was teaching them. All we had to do was stay within the lined paper when we were learning to write in cursive or come up with the correct sum in arithmetic and Mrs. Woodham would just light up! I remember how I felt when she was pleased with me.


I am a writer. I know this and not just because my writings are published – which some are OR because I make a huge amount of money from it – which I don’t. I know that I’m a writer because when I do it, I actually feel God’s pleasure. Not just his approval or favor or affirmation. I sense His pure delight because, like Mrs. Woodham, His eyes seem to light up whenever I do something He’s inspired and equipped me to do. There are lots of things I do for my own pleasure but there are just a few things I do for His. As I get older I’m learning what things make Him nod with approval and what things make Him burst with pride.


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